Profit Breakthrough Challenge
Profit Breakthrough Challenge
It’s Time to Get Crystal Clear on Your Profitable Offer, STOP Second-Guessing Yourself, & Execute the Exact Right Steps to Create Sales RIGHT AWAY!
It’s Time to Get Crystal Clear on Your Profitable Offer, STOP Second-Guessing Yourself, & Execute the Exact Right Steps to Create Sales RIGHT AWAY!

This Could Change Your Business & Your Life!


Over the past decade, thousands of people just like Tripp, Alex, and Liz have broken past self-limiting beliefs and NeuroHacked their way to success.

They no longer second guess their decisions or question what their next step should be.

Instead, they SHOW UP for their audience - and their clients - every single day, allowing them to generate massive profits and break through in the competitive coaching industry.

The NeuroCoaching™ Profit Generation Framework

In the Profit Breakthrough Challenge, I'm going to share my CLEAR & PROVEN Profit-Generating Framework that I personally used to go from ZERO online business to a 7-figure coaching empire.

During this 2-day ⚡LIVE⚡ challenge, you'll be EMPOWERED to:

  • ​Know EXACTLY what to offer (and how to offer it!)
  • ​STOP Second-Guessing Yourself So You Can Quickly and Easily Take the RIGHT Action Towards the Thriving Business & Life of Freedom You Want
  • ​Identify ​The 3 Critical Building Blocks to Exponential Growth that Will Take You from 0 to 6+ Figures and Beyond (and will actually change your whole life)
  • Deep Dive into The Exact Framework That Has Taken Hundreds of Entrepreneurs from Not Knowing What to Offer or How to Offer It to Confidently Launching and Selling Out Their Programs
  • Know the exact right steps to launch your coaching offer and create sales RIGHT AWAY

  • ​Take your EPIC entrepreneurial dream of helping others from a foggy idea to a crystal-clear plan of action

  • R​eplace your 9-5 income and start getting paid for outcomes rather than trading time for money


  • VIP hot seat coaching and Zoom room: Unlock this Special Coaching Opportunity and truly commit to your profit goals like never before!
  • ​Private VIP Facebook group to: Unlock 10 days of feedback from our certified NeuroCoaches™ after the event
Meet your coach, Dr. Shannon Irvine
Creator of the NeuroCoaching Model™, Epic Success Program, and founder of Mosaic Vision, a non-profit organization, Dr. Shannon has built several 7-figure companies and has coached thousands of entrepreneurs to find their calling, transform their lives, and create hugely profitable businesses.

Do you stress yourself out wondering...

  • How do I make myself SEEN AND HEARD online?
  • ​Do I have what it takes to make it as a coach?
  • ​What do I need to do to actually turn a PROFIT?
  • ​How do I get the freedom I'm craving out of this business?
  • ​Who can I sell to that really wants what I'm offering?

I went from ZERO online business to building a 7-figure coaching empire over the last decade. Since then, I've helped thousands of coaches just like you break through their crushing self-doubt and generate breakthrough profits in their businesses. Now, it's your turn!

Making a real decision today could transform your life and coaching business forever...

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